Need a job? You REALLY want to work for KIXEYE

KIXEYE CEO Will Harbin has developed something of a reputation for bold statements.  He says what he thinks, regardless of what’s “polite” or “appropriate.”  Like when he released a press release solely to call Kabam a bunch of copycats.  Or when he decided to taunt complaining players in the forums.  And now, this bold man wants to be your boss.

KIXEYE are in the midst of a pretty massive hiring blitz over at, but unlike most game developers who might have posted about it on LinkedIn or Gamasutra, Harbin’s team put together something that was a little more – you guessed it – bold.

While you may not know it from the first three minutes, the video below is actually promotion for KIXEYE’s current hiring initiative.  But before asking you to work for them, they need to spend a little time parodying their major competition so you’ll know why you’d never want to take a job there.  KIXEYE’s video takes aim at Zynga, EA, and Kabam, and definitely provides more than a few chuckle worthy moments.


What say you?  Is KIXEYE the games company you’d want to work for?

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