NASA blasts into Facebook gaming with Space Race Blastoff

NASA may not be sending astronauts into outer space any time soon, but the space agency is still exploring a new frontier: Facebook gaming.

Today NASA announced the launch of Space Race Blastoff, a Facebook-based trivia game that tests players’ knowledge of the various NASA-themed topics, ranging from science and technology to history and pop culture. Questions take the form of multiple choice problems, and players can earn various NASA badges to show off their trivia prowess.

Space Race Blastoff opens NASA’s history and research to a wide new audience of people accustomed to using social media,” NASA’s David Weaver said. “Space experts and novices will learn new things about how exploration continues to impact our world.”

This isn’t the space agency’s first foray into gaming. In 2010 NASA released the “serious” game Moonbase Alpha.

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