Namco brings [email protected] titles to iOS, charges $54.99 a pop

Have you ever dreamed of managing pop idols? Sure, you can deny it, but we know all about the secrets that you whisper into your pillow at night. Namco Bandai is offering you the candy-colored medicine that you need with a trio of [email protected] rhythm games for iOS. Heads up: As first noticed by Touch Arcade, each game costs $54.99, which makes them significantly pricier than most iOS fare.

The three [email protected] titles include Shiny Fiesta Rhythmic Record, Shiny Fiesta Melodic Disc, and Shiny Fiesta Harmonic Score. Each game features different songs and idols, so think carefully before you choose your poison.

All the [email protected] titles currently available for iOS were originally released in Japan for the PSP. If you don’t mind the asking price, download one (or all) of the games and shake your groove thang.  

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