Zynga New York gears up for mobile publishing with OMGPOP acquisition

First comes love, then comes marriage. Or, to put a modern spin on an old children’s classic, first comes acquisition, then comes mobile games development. Zynga’s recent acquisition of Draw Something‘s creators, OMGPOP, initiated a split in Zynga New York: the studio will now engage in mobile games development, as well as social games development.

The OMGPOP team will continue to work on Draw Something, as well as future projects. One such project is, according to Business Insider, a crime-themed game called The Street, which hits Facebook next week (a mobile port is coming soon).

Porter also told Inside Social Games that Draw Something is coming to Facebook “soon,” which is strange, because last we checked the game has been on Facebook for more than a year as OMGPOP’s Draw My Thing.

“Aren’t you going to ask me if it’s going to be Draw SomethingWithFriendsVille?” Porter reportedly joked during a follow-up call that occurred after Zynga’s media briefing on Tuesday. “I’m going to answer you anyway — if you don’t like the direction of the game as a player, then hit me up on Twitter and tell me what you think. I read every single thing people write about the game. We want to make games people want to play.”

One thing’s for sure: Facebook gaming’s a bit down right now, but it’s not out yet.


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