MyTown partners with Google Places

Booyah’s popular location-based check-in game has been on something of a roll lately, and their momentum sees no signs of slowing down. At Google’s annual I/O event yesterday, it was announced that MyTown would be the first consumer channel to utilize the Google Places Web Service.

“Our collaboration with Google bridges the gap between the consumer and businesses by enabling MyTown as a vehicle for real-world benefits,” said Keith Lee, CEO, Booyah. “The new API affords lightning fast search for local directory content both in the US and abroad, further growing MyTown’s presence and Booyah’s leadership in real-world interactive entertainment.”

Google Places offers business owners complete control over their how their business appears on Google Maps, complete with the ability to add coupons, post hours, and track statistical information about who is searching out their services. The Google Places Web Service is a new feature of the Google Maps API, designed to return the 20 most popular places near any given location.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Booyah on our latest addition to the Google Maps API, the Places Web Service,” said Thor Mitchell, Product Manager for the Google Maps API. “MyTown’s unique way of engaging users with their real-world location and Google’s rich coverage of place search combine to make a compelling offering for the rapidly growing MyTown community.”

2 million players, $20 million in recent funding, and now a partnership with Google? If they weren’t on your radar already, Booyah has clearly become a company to watch.

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