MyTown goes international

With more than 2.8 million users buying up virtual property, you might think that Booyah’s MyTown was a worldwide phenomenon. But those 2.8 million players? They’re just in the United States. That’s because, until today, MyTown was only available in the US. Starting today gamers in Canada, Australia, and the UK can get in on the virtual buying frenzy.

While there’s no firm date on any additional countries, Booyah CEO is quick to point out that this is only the start of the game’s global expansion: “Our launches in the UK, Australia and Canada are just the beginning of bringing real world gaming to players across the globe.”

Already sporting a larger userbase than competing location-services like FourSquare and Gowalla, it should be interesting to see how the addition of these three countries impacts the service’s numbers.

If you’re looking to be the first person in Toronto, London, or Sydney to start snatching up property, be sure to grab the free MyTown download before your friends!

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