Mystery Case Files 4: Gone to the dogs?

By Erin Bell |

Take a good look at this adorable face. It belongs to Bubba, the winner of the Find Felix contest that was part of Big Fish Games’ Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst. You’ll soon be searching for this pug’s mug, along with hundreds of other hidden objects, in the upcoming fourth game in the series, Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate.

Players of Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst will remember the Find Felix contest well. In addition to finding clues and solving puzzles to discover the secrets of the mysterious Ravenhearst Manor, players were also on the lookout for the Big Fish Games mascot, Felix, who was cleverly hidden among the usual clutter. Lucky gamers who found Felix and clicked on him were given the opportunity to enter a contest for a chance to get their face in the next Mystery Case Files game.

For Bubba’s owner Judith Hunt, a self-described PC game addict from Apex, North Carolina, it was only natural that she should enter him in the contest.

"Bubba is my best friend, and he’s so cute, don’t you think?" says Judith. "When I saw the Find Felix contest I thought ‘well, I’m not going to enter myself because I’m really an idiot for being 50 and playing these things!’"

Judith and her husband had only been married a few years when 10-month-old Bubba came into their lives. The people who had originally adopted Bubba had decided to return him, according to Judith, "because they didn’t want a dog that got onto the furniture. And I thought, ‘well, we do! We want a dog that sleeps with us and everything else! And so they did end up returning him, poor little guy, he came to live with us and he’s been with us ever since. And he’s been the boss of the house!"

Judith’s career selling vintage purses worldwide through her online store This Old Purse allows her to work from home and lavish as much attention on Bubba as he desires – which is lucky, she says, because pugs can be a demanding breed.

"They shed and they’re needy. You have to absolutely love them to death, or you need to get another dog."

Judith is a true veteran of PC gaming, and can remember a time when games were text-only and didn’t even have graphics – a far cry from the detailed environments of the hidden object games that she loves so much these days. "You’ll laugh," she says, "but I’ve been playing games since before the Commodore 64 when they had the VIC-20 out and I was playing them in DOS. You’d type in ‘open the door’ and then it would say ‘the door is open,’ and you’d type in ‘look inside…’ so that’s how long I’ve been playing them."

Judith is a fan of the Mystery Case Files series and also lists the Wonderland series of games, Azada, Chocolatier, Fairy Godmother Tycoon, Aveyond and Plant Tycoon among her current favorites.

"I even like some arcade games like Bud Redhead, which I think is the greatest game of all time. It’s a scrolling arcade style and I’m not a big fan of those, but this one is the best," she says.

Judith’s other hobbies are swimming and reading – and she’s pretty determined to remain a PC gamer.

"I’ve never ever owned a console only because my husband would probably kill me," she chuckles. "He does share my passion [for gaming], but I’m already on the PC and if I took over the TV too, I think there’d be a divorce pending!"

Look for Bubba in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate, which is coming out very soon from Big Fish Games. As always, when it launches you’ll hear about it from Gamezebo first.

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