MySpace launches ‘new gaming experience’

The social networking site MySpace has revamped its gaming services today, introducing a new MySpace Games homepage and that makes it easier for users to find and share games virally, as well as new developer tools that will help to redefine the MySpace gaming experience.

“Gaming is core to the overall entertainment value of MySpace,” says MySpace Co-President Mike Jones. “Nearly a third of our users engage daily in games and there are more than 28 million active app users on our site. Over the last few months, we’ve had a laser focus on improving our gaming experience. Just as music was our springboard for revitalizing our platform, we’re taking a similar approach to gaming which you’ll see in new features throughout site.”

MySpace has also announced the MySpace Neon iPhone application, which will give users access to their MySpace games on the go. It’s a unique feature that could give MySpace Gaming a much needed boost, as this is something that their chief competition, Facebook, doesn’t offer.

A number of popular Facebook games including Wild Ones and SPP Ranch have just launched on the MySpace Games service as well, demonstrating the trust that some developers are putting into the platform. “We are impressed with MySpace’s renewed commitment to deliver a great gaming experience to their users and our players,” said Marianne Borenstein, vice president of platform relations and player experience at Playdom. “We have worked closely with them to develop a roadmap that will improve promotional and viral channels on the platform. The gallery is the first of many new initiatives we’re excited to see roll out.”

New tools available to MySpace platform developers include improved analytics, the ability to develop 3D games with the Unity engine, and the chance to encourage cross-platform competition through Scoreloop.

While it’s hard to say whether or not the recent changes at MySpace will be enough to help cement it as a viable alternative to Facebook gaming, it’s nice to see that they’re making some smart changes in an effort to compete. To see the new MySpace Games homepage for yourself, visit

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