My Singing Monsters celebrates one year anniversary with big content update

My how time flies when you’ve got a song in your heart and a skip in your step! It’s been a whole year since the addictive monster collecting and singing simulation hybrid My Singing Monsters was released onto the App Store and took the mobile music making industry by storm. So in celebration of this one year anniversary, Big Blue Bubble is rolling out a massive title update that is sure to keep us singing long and loud well into the new year.

The biggest and most anticipated of the many new features to be found in the My Singing Monsters anniversary update is the addition of Ethereal Island, along with a brand new song, and a handful of brand new singing monster types, like the spooky Whisp and Arackulele. Among other things, the big title update for My Singing Monsters also introduces an upgraded graphics engine with sharper visuals, newly organized menus, volume settings for each individual monster, and downloadable remix tracks for Water Island, Earth Island, and Gold Island.

Oh yeah, and once you update, the game will also give you some complimentary free diamonds!

The big title update for My Singing Monsters is currently live right now across both iOS and Android versions of the popular singing game, and if you haven’t had a chance to get your vocal chords warmed up yet, then you can download the charming and musical adventure for free by clicking right over here.


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