is an adorable, graphically rich take on the .io format


Every so often a game comes along that’s not quite like anything else, despite containing elements of several other genres. is one of those.

While it takes its influences from battle royale games and RPGs, it bundles these influences up in a package that plays like both but looks like Zelda on 3DS, thus creating a brand new piece of hybrid greatness.

The aim couldn’t be simpler. As in every other game with .io at the end of its name, it sees you entering an arena and killing as many other players as possible.

But in this case the arena is a beautifully rendered fantasy environment, complete with little blue blobs with eyes, treasure chests, and a huge array of skills, weapons and boosts to pick up by leveling up.

You need to roam around this environment, hacking other players to pieces with your sword, bludgeoning them with your axe, or pulverizing them with your baseball bat.

Every turn is an RPG in microcosm, as you level up, earn better equipment, make choices about which skills and weapons to equip, and generally fashion your cute little avatar into the deadliest killing machine you can.

It’s all about making split second judgements over what equipment you should have and who you should engage in combat to the death. You can only ever make choices from a random selection, though, so every game is different.

There are several game modes, too. You can play conventional real-time multiplayer, a battle royale, a game against the AI, or even a round of Munchkin Ball, a fantasy take on soccer where you have to crush your opponent by scoring goals. is absolutely rammed with character. It looks like the most violent day in the history of Animal Crossing, with that game’s simple but gorgeous 3D look. If you’re on the lookout for something different, unique, and playable in under a minute, check it out via both the App Store and Google Play.

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