More than 2 million players living in MyTown

GPS gaming is a young and growing market on the iPhone, but it’s starting to gain some real traction. Case in point: Booyah’s MyTown. Launching only 6 months ago, the popular location-based tycoon game has just surpassed 2 million players.

“We are delighted to see players join MyTown in droves,” said Keith Lee, CEO, Booyah. “Utilizing our background as game makers we built our service with all of our learnings about how people like to engage with a social entertainment product. We are delighted that our player numbers are validating our evolving product as our community is more than double other prominent location-based apps.”

Similar in concept to FourSquare or Yelp, MyTown takes the mobile “check-in” concept and makes it the basis for a tycoon-style gaming experience. Players can purchase, upgrade, and collect rent on any real life properties that they visit. The game has proven so popular that real world companies are beginning to offer location-based specials to MyTown players. Partnerships exist with both the clothing retailer H&M and the Travel Channel.

Players looking to get in on the action can download the MyTown app for free from the iTunes App Store.

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