Monument Valley Climbs the Hill After ‘House of Cards’ Cameo

I want to shout “spoiler alert!” to myself here, as I’m apparently one of the few people yet to binge watch the newly released third season of House of Cards. It’s high on my list of priorities, but has thus far evaded my minimal downtime.

Speaking of which, this is precisely how Frank Underwood introduced somewhere around half a million Netflix subscribers to the joys of ustwo’s iOS and Android smash hit Monument Valley.

house of cards

We already know of the conniving congressman’s penchant for unwinding with a nice, violent FPS on his PS3, but apparently he’s been keeping up with modern gaming gadgetry since we saw him last. And analytics company AppFigures was monitoring the App Store, Amazon and Google Play charts to see how his touchscreen chill out time affected game sales.

Netflix releases it’s entire series in one go, with Monument Valley appearing in episode five. And sure enough, around five hours after the third series of House of Cards went live, Monument Valley sales began to spike. The strong jump in sales continued over the season three launch weekend, pushing the game effortlessly into the high charts.


The effectiveness was apparently even greater than the ultra-expensive Super Bowl ads that were dominated by smartphone content recently, not only proving the popularity of House of Cards and the devotion of its fans, but the power of such unsolicited advertising in front of a captive audience.

Anyone out there squeal with delight when Frank put his fingers to Monument Valley? I bet there is.

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