MoMinis changes its name to PlayScape

By Joe Jasko |

After five years and 40 million users, MoMinis will be changing its name to PlayScape. If that seemingly new name has a familiar ring to it, that’s because it’s already the name of the publisher’s mega-game platform released in 2011, and the home of such micro greats as Ninja Chicken, Jelly Jump, and Bouncy Bill.

So why use the name PlayScape for the entire company now? Eyal Rabinovich, co-founder of MoMinis, explains in a press release:

“PlayScape represents our vision of providing a fully integrated ecosystem, from development and distribution, to optimization and data analysis in one holistic offering.” Rabinovich also went on to add, “While our name and look has changed, our commitment to providing the best possible levels of service to our partners and to all developers and game players has not.” Fair enough!

In addition to a new logo, the name change will also bring about a facelift to three of the company’s major developmental assets: PlayScape Studio, PlayScape Platform, and PlayScape Center. To celebrate their fresh new look, the newly-christened PlayScape will be committed to releasing 100 new games throughout 2013, which will range from “classic arcade and action games” to “complex puzzle games.”

So MoMinis or PlayScape? What do you think of the change? As far as I’m concerned, PlayScape can call themselves anything they want, as long as they keep pumping out those great games!

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