Mom blames FarmVille for Killing her Baby

A Jacksonville mother who is charged with shaking her baby to death has come up with an insidious excuse: FarmVille, the game, made me do it.

According to the report in The Daily Beast, Alexandra V Tobias of Florida shook her baby to death because her child’s screams were interrupting her playing the social game FarmVille.

They say all press is good press, but I can’t see how anyone can spin this news. With all the reports (some initiated by Zynga through developer interviews) about how calculating and psychological they are in terms of making their games addictive, Zynga should hope this story goes away.

As for the defendant, she has pleaded to second-degree murder and could face life in prison. Here’s hoping she goes away in jail for good. The fact that she is blaming the game for her horrible act only proves how purely evil she is.

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