Minecraft bookmarklet lets you turn any webpage into a Minecraft experience

You should be able to experience Minecraft whenever you want, wherever you want. In fact, it should be a fundamental human right. Food, water, shelter, medicine, Minecraft. Well, civilization is kind of tanking at providing all of humanity with the other necessities, but as of today, you can turn your web browser into Minecraft, courtesy of a new bookmarklet from Sony Mobile.

According to a press release distributed by Sony Mobile, “[Sony Mobile is] bringing Minecraft to all corners of the web with its just-launched ‘Minecraft Anywhere’ bookmarklet. Celebrate the launch of Survival Mode on Minecraft Pocket Edition with the new ‘Minecraft Anywhere’ bookmarklet!”

Obviously, Minecraft Anywhere isn’t the full game in browser format. Rather, the bookmarklet sets up a “scaled down browser game” that can be played in any browser. You can visit Sony Mobile’s webpage for an animated demonstration of how the bookmarklet works.

Once you’ve viewed the demo, you can drag the “Minecraft” button from the demo over to your bookmark bar. Just click the bookmarklet whenever you want to tear apart a webpage with your pickaxe, or whenever you want to (shudder) release some Creepers.

This gives “digging for information” a whole new meaning. Heyo!

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