Zynga, Ford, and Jenny McCarthy team up for a really big game of Words With Friends

If you’re a fan of Words With Friends, then you’ll love this: The world’s largest round of the game it about to kick off. The game is the end result of one of the most unlikely collaborations: Zynga, American auto-maker Ford, and actress Jenny McCarthy.

On November 15th, McCarthy is set to compete against the entire country in the world’s largest game of Words With Friends. During this event, the 2013 Ford Escape will be revealed. Exactly how this event —especially the unveiling— will take place remains to be seen, though this is only the first of several big social gaming programs that Ford has in the works.

“By revealing the new Escape through a popular social game like Words With Friends, Ford is able to expand its reach beyond traditional social channels to mobile platforms that engage a broader audience,” said Matt VanDyke, the director of U.S. Marketing Communications for Ford. “This will be the first of a series of social gaming initiatives that are integrated into the launch of the Escape next year.”

If you happen to live in the Los Angeles area, you can help reveal the new Ford Escape. The game will be taking place at Hollywood and Highland, and will be live-streamed via Facebook and Livestream.com so folks outside of the area can play elsewhere. Additionally, when the game takes place (8-9 PM, PST) you’ll be able to submit word suggestions via the live-stream chat.

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