Mighty Marbles Brings Classic Marble Madness to the Living Room… Literally

Roll into fun with Mighty Marbles! Physics-based puzzles, diverse levels, and adorable collectibles await on Steam!

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Calling all puzzle enthusiasts and marble fanatics! Prepare to be delighted as Mighty Marbles rolls onto Steam on January 9, 2024, bringing a whirlwind of adorable challenges and mind-bending physics gameplay. Ever dreamt of playing with your favorite real-life toys inside a video game? Mighty Marbles transforms that dream into reality, letting you twist, turn, and tilt the game world itself to steer your trusty marble to triumph.

More Than Just Rolling Around

Forget clunky controls and frustrating tutorials! Mighty Marbles welcomes you with an intuitive controller and levels packed with diverse puzzles. Each level boasts interconnected brain teasers that test your knowledge of physics but don’t worry – cute Bobby Copters are always on hand to rescue your marble from any unexpected detours. Choose from three captivating courses – Toybox, Machines, and Mini Golf – each offering unique themes and gameplay twists.

Mighty Marbles gives you a free hand on gameplay. Experience the thrill of your chosen perspective! Zoom in for intricate puzzle details or zoom out to a bird’s-eye view for strategic planning. And if you can’t decide, seamlessly switch between views on the fly and conquer every challenge with perfect precision.

Tailor Your Triumph

The fun doesn’t stop at navigating through nine themed levels in each course. Mighty Marbles throws in multiple game modes within each course, ensuring endless hours of fresh excitement. And what’s a marble game without, well, marbles? Earn bragging rights and customize your gameplay with unlockable marbles for speedy finishes and puzzling prowess.

So, are you physics ready? Dust off your joystick, clear your schedule, and prepare to roll into a marble-ous adventure on January 10th with Mighty Marbles. It’s time for an enchanting blend of physics, puzzles, and pure, unadulterated fun!

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