Metaplace releases Legendary Treasure, new Facebook game in beta

Metaplace (creators of Island Life and My Vineyard) have quietly launched a new treasure-themed game, Legendary Treasure.

Here is the game description according to the game’s fan page:

“Uncover hidden treasure by digging through lost lands and discovering the secrets that are buried within the earth. Level up and unlock new maps to explore, and customize your own island with decorations! Partake in an adventure with your friends in Legendary Treasure!”

With the launch of this game, we officially declare treasure seeking to be the next big theme on Facebook (see our previous article on the launch of Treasure Time and Treasure Madness 2 just last week).

Why all the treasure-themed games on Facebook, you ask? Well, game developers must have noticed that Treasure Isle was a hit game for Zynga this year (which, let the record show, but developed as a result of the hit game Treasure Madness).

And people like to play games with mini-puzzles and search for virtual treasures online. If you can’t dig your backyard to discover gold, may as well become virtually rich online.

Click here to be among the first to play Legendary Treasure and go to Legendary Treasure game page to follow the game with alerts.

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