Metal Revolution Is Appearing at EVO 2022 This Weekend, North American Early Access Coming Soon


Metal Revolution, the hotly anticipated mobile fighting game from Yoozoo, will appear in this year’s EVO event between August 5th and August 7th. 

The Evolution Championship Series – or EVO for short – is the biggest and oldest fighting game tournament on the planet. It sees thousands of fighting game aficionados coming together in Las Vegas to show off their skills and compete for prizes. 

And, on this occasion, it sees them checking out Metal Revolution as well.

In case you’ve fallen behind on your mobile gaming news, Metal Revolution is a groundbreaking brawler that evokes the golden age of fighting games while bringing everything up to date for a modern mobile audience. 

There’s a huge variety of characters and combat types on offer, including a Muay Thai boxer and a katana-wielding crime lord. Oh, and all of the fighters are cybernetic, making them at least twice as badass as ordinary flesh-and-blood warriors. 

The controls are intuitive and custom-designed for mobile, meanwhile, allowing you to pull-off spectacular moves and combos with a few touchscreen-friendly swipes and gestures. 

Everything you’d expect to find in a console or PC fighting game is here, including guard breaks, parries, and advanced techniques that rely on perfect timing. Plus, Metal Revolution looks absolutely stunning, with high resolution graphics running at 60fps. 

Multiplayer-wise, Metal Revolution boasts a competitive ladder system, rank rewards, and custom lobbies where you can take on your friends in tournaments. There’s a spectator feature, too, allowing you to have fun even after you’ve been kicked to the kerb. 

In other words, it’s tailor-made for eSports. 

Already a hit in 12 different South American regions, Metal Revolution is about to get a limited beta in North America. We recommend you get involved, and you can pre-register by clicking here. Make sure you subscribe to the game’s Discord, Facebook, and YouTube pages too.

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