Mega Jump 2 is leaping onto mobile next week

We’re only a few days into 2014 right now, but it’s already shaping up to be the year of long-awaited mobile sequels. Last week we got the follow-up to 2010’s Jet Car Stunts, and in just a short time from now we’re going to be getting another highly anticipated sequel to one of 2010’s biggest mobile games: Mega Jump. That’s right! The hugely popular vertical jumping game will finally be getting a much-deserved second installment in the form of Mega Jump 2, set for release next week!

Get Set Games has unveiled the first few screenshots of Mega Jump 2 in action today, and the game looks like a colorful and fun return to the quirky world and simple gameplay that made the first game such a blast to play. Touch Arcade is reporting that the big changes this time around include a shift from the original level-based gameplay to a more “endless” affair, and a larger emphasis on finding hidden collectables. But the most exciting new addition is the fact that the other unlockable characters will finally have their own unique attributes to put a different spin on the core jumping gameplay.


So as per the trend lately, Mega Jump 2 is already looking to bring an excellent blend of nostalgic mobile gaming and some fresh new ideas into the mobile games space. We’ll be sure to keep up with new coverage of the game once it hits the App Store next week.

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