McDonald’s is Getting VR Happy Meals in Sweden

If I were to make a short list of the things I love (other than my wife and kids), it would go: McDonald’s, Sweden, and virtual reality, in that order.

So leave it to Swedish McDonald’s to go VR and make all of my dreams come true.

Taking a Google Cardboard-inspired approach, McDonald’s Sweden is releasing 3500 Happy Meal boxes that can turn into VR headsets for your mobile phone, letting kids experience the fun of virtual reality without the $800 price tag.

Ad Week are reporting that these “Happy Goggles” will only be available in 14 Swedish locations during the first two weekends of March as a trial run, and that McDonald’s Sweden marketing director Jeff Jackett suggests there may be a chance for Happy Goggles to pop up in other markets if the promotion is successful.

The game that McDonald’s has prepped for Happy Goggles debut is Slope Stars, a skiing game that coincides with Sportlov, a week-long Swedish school holiday about outdoor winter activities and exercise.

[AdWeek via The Verge]

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