Zynga is working on two Star Wars games for mobile

Zynga have announced two new Star Wars games for mobile devices. It’s keeping quiet on exactly what it’ll be doing with the license though.

In a galaxy far far away

You can find footage of Star Wars Commander above, an existing mobile title based around the sci-fi space opera above.

Whether the two titles Zynga have in the development oven will be similar really isn’t known at this point – but we’ll be one will be a cutsey gacha-style RPG.

Zynga Star Wars

This news follows the recent announcement of a partnership between Zynga and Disney, with the former now having exclusive rights to create and release games based on Stars Wars for mobile devices.

Another element of this news is that Zynga will handle ongoing development for the aforementioned Star Wars: Commander.

In fact we might get clues on what plans there are for Star Wars on mobile via updates for that very game. Which you can download on the App Store and Google Play right now, if you’d like.

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