Makers of Joustin’ Beaver app served Cease & Desist notice by Justin Bieber’s lawyer

Joustin’ Beaver is an iOS and Android game starring a hoodie-wearing beaver who sports a familiar haircut (hint: the beaver’s flowing brown locks may remind you of a certain Canadian pop superstar). In fact, the very sight of Joustin’ Beaver‘s main mammal may cause you to burst into giggles, but surprise surprise–Justin Bieber’s legal team ain’t laughing.

RC3, the developers behind Joustin’ Beaver, was recently served a Cease and Desist notice by Aaron D. Rosenberg of Myman, Greenspan, Fineman, Fox, Rosenberg & Light, LLP. Rosenberg, who is representing Bieber, told RC3 that it has two days to remove Joustin’ Beaver before further legal action is taken.

RC3’s game doesn’t feature any of Bieber’s music, but the beaver’s likeness was apparently enough to rile up Bieber’s lawyer. “Please be advised, at no time has our Client, our Client’s parental guardian, or our Client’s designated representatives entered into an agreement with you or your related business entities, or otherwise granted permission to you or any third party, to create the App,” Rosenberg wrote to RC3. “Further, I am not aware that you made any inquiry or gesture to contact our Client’s representatives to obtain such authorization. Accordingly, you have no right to utilize our Client’s name, image, likeness, life story or identity in or in connection with the App.”

As that apparently wasn’t enough of a mouthful, Rosenberg added, “Exploitation of our Client’s name, likeness, image and renowned reputation in the industry to promote, advertise and market the App falsely implies that our Client has granted you certain rights to do so which, as you know, is not the case.”

RC3 intends to keep Jousin’ Beaver on the App Store for now. The studio stated, “The game is a parody and is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Nowhere in the game is Justin Bieber’s name, photo, image, or life story mentioned.”

When this legal drama is done with, we might have the makings of a great rock/pop opera (okay, maybe just a mediocre one. But the kids are gonna love it!).

[via TechCrunch]

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