Make a mess of things as a cat in Catlateral Damage

From game developer Chris Chung comes the world’s first first-person destructive cat simulator, Catlateral Damage. Armed with only two paws and the agility of a cat, players must create as big of a mess as they can as fast as they can.

Originally created during the 2013 7DFPS game jam, Catlateral Damage gained popularity to the point where Chung decided to develop it into a full game. Development started in September of last year.

In Catlateral Damage, players tackle one room of the house at a time, attempting to knock over valuables and anything light enough to swipe over with the strength of a cat. Currently an Alpha-build demo of Catlateral Damage is playable on the game’s official website. The demo features only one level, with the solitary objective of achieving 100,000 points. Players navigate the room using the WASD keys, and left, right, and middle-clicking all trigger various paw swipes.


While pre-orders of any sort are currently unavailable, Chun directs those eager to support his work to Catlateral Damage’s Steam Greenlight page, where the game currently is ranked as the 25th most popular game.

The original version of Catlateral Damage that was created in the 7DFPS game jam, is currently playable on Kongregate

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