Mafia Wars coming to iOS with Mafia Wars Shakedown

Just in case the imminent release of Mafia Wars 2 on Facebook wasn’t enough to get your crime juices flowing, Zynga has announced another new entry in the role playing series with the mobile spin-off Mafia Wars Shakedown.

Few details are available about the game just yet, though it looks to be an iOS exclusive. On the game’s Facebook page, it’s described as”the next new game in the mafia genre where you can become the next ‘Don’ – gather weapons, fight bosses, and work your way up in the Mafia! Stay tuned for more to come!”

The brief description is accompanied by a single image.


No hint was given as to when the game will be released, but with Mafia Wars 2 launching soon Shakedown shouldn’t be too far off. And if you just can’t wait, there’s always the Mafia Wars 2 digital comic book to hold you over.

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