LucasArts commemorates the Star Wars Holiday Special with new items in The Old Republic

By Dant Rambo |

It’s a Christmas miracle! Update 1.6 for Star Wars: The Old Republic features a handful of festive items based on “Life Day,” a holiday introduced in the oft-neglected Star Wars Holiday Special. For those unaware, Lucasfilm—and, by extention, LucasArts—has mostly ignored the Star Wars Holiday Special since it aired on TV back in 1978. It was never rebroadcast, nor has it ever been available through legal means. Did the Disney acquisition cause them to have a change of heart?

Or perhaps they’re just more lenient about acknowledging the special in video games – Star Wars Galaxies had Life Day content, too. Whatever the case may be, players of The Old Republic currently have the opportunity to purchase a Life Day Orb (60 Cartel Coins), a Life Day Tinsel Bomb (300 Cartel Coins), a Life Day Holo-Tree (600 Cartel Coins), a Life Day Robe (960 Cartel Coins), and a Czerka LD-1 Celebrator (1,800 Cartel Coins). It’s a little disappointing you can’t go hang out with Lumpy and the rest of Chewbacca’s family, but we’ll take what we can get.


Also, let’s all appreciate this for the step forward that it is. There’s a definite possibility that the items will sell well and LucasFilms (and their Disney overlords) will consider restoring the Star Wars Holiday Special and giving it a proper release. I mean, it might be a tarnished spot in the franchise’s history, but there’s no sense in sweeping it under the rug when it can easily be attained through unscrupulous means.

Oh, the update also features a new Warzone along with some new missions, but it’s hard to be excited about all that when you could be dancing around your Life Day Holo-Tree, instead. Or maybe we just have weird priorities.

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