Loving mom creates home version of Angry Birds

A reader of USA Today’s Pop Candy blog has just shared a lovely story about her sons’ love of Angry Birds, and how that turned into a homemade real world bird-flinging experience for her children to play with.

“It’s nice to know that other people are as hooked on Angry Birds as my family is,” writes Laura K in response to a recent mention of the game in an earlier Pop Candy article. Her family likes it so much that she used a variety of household items to assemble a home game. They call it “Angry Birds Live.”

“I used a tennis ball for the red bird, a ping-pong ball for the blue bird, modeling clay for the yellow bird, an Easter egg for the chicken, and a black dodge ball for the bomb bird. I had an old set of cardboard blocks that they never really used, and they were perfect. I printed out pictures of the pigs on labels and stuck them on paper bags. It’s actually a pretty fun game.”



Laura K’s home game looks like an absolute hoot to play – almost like something you might see at a carnival. Kudos to Laura for taking the initiative to make something so wonderfully unique for her kids to enjoy! Too bad the slingshots are just for show. 😉

[via Pop Candy]

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