Lost Echo is an adventure game with a hauntingly good trailer

We hear about a lot of games here at Gamezebo. If I had a nickel for every game pitch I’ve received this month, I’d have died of nickel poisoning by July 17th. That said, all it really takes to rise above the noise of my inbox is a top notch trailer. Case in point: Lost Echo.

The trailer itself doesn’t give a ton away, but it does a tremendous job of setting tone while only giving the slightest of teases about the story. And while you might not have guessed it from the trailer, the developers at KickBack Studios have confirmed that Lost Echo will be a point-and-click adventure with plenty of puzzles to solve. I couldn’t think of a better genre for the sort of mystery that seems to be brewing in this one.

There’s no hard launch date yet, but we’ve been told you can expect to find Lost Echo on the App Store in about a month.

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