Lords Mobile Is Getting a Huge New Artifact System in its Latest Content Update

By Glenn Wilson |


Lords Mobile, IGG’s vastly popular strategy MMO game for mobile and PC, has introduced a new Artifact system in its latest content update.

In case you need a refresher, Lords Mobile is an epic MMO with more than 440 million downloads all over the world. It’s a cross-platform game too, which maximises your pool of potential allies and opponents. 

Gameplay-wise, Lords Mobile sees you upgrading buildings, conducting research, levelling up your Heroes, and training four different troop types to fight in six different formations. Then it’s off to battle.


Lords Mobile has an RPG-style campaign as well as a number of other modes, including Guild Wars, Kingdom Versus Kingdom, Battle Royals, Wonder Wars, Darknest Invasions, and so on. 

Plus, there’s a tower defense gameplay mode called the Vergeway, which sees you collecting and upgrading cards and then combining them in different ways to defeat a range of different stages.

So, about the new Artifact system. It’s been 2 years since a new building was added to the game, and with the new system comes the Artifact Hall. 

Artifacts are wondrous items like dragon scales, goblin wings, dwarven mallets, and more. Each one has its own unique backstory, and provides unique bonuses, from increasing your research and construction speed to improving your army’s Might.

They come in three different grades: Legendary, Epic, and Rare. The higher their grade, the more powerful their bonus effects are, and you can upgrade, enhance, and bless them to increase these bonuses. Artifacts also come in sets, and you can earn additional set bonuses by completing a set. 

Want to know more about the Artifact system? Download Lords Mobile for free right now on the Google Play Store, the App Store, or Steam!

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