Looking for a deal? To The Moon is now on sale for Android devices

That’s right, the emotive story-driven RPG To The Moon is now 60% off for all you lucky Android users out there.

Whats it about?

In our universe when a man is on his deathbed there is nothing more that medical science can do to help. In To The Moon, there is one thing doctors can do, fulfil their patient’s last wish. This way, when an individual passes on they can be at peace with what they did in their lives, with no last-minute regrets.

This type of procedure is reserved only for individuals on their deathbeds. It is used to alter memories and give closure to those knocking on heavens door.

Johnny is dying, and he has made his last wish. With each step back in Johnny’s life a new memory fragment is revealed. As the two doctors do what they can to piece a lifetime worth of events together, they want to know why Johnny’s last wish is to go to the moon.

Sounds interesting

The best way I can describe this game is a beautiful story told elegantly. I really can’t delve any deeper than that without giving something away. However, I can say gameplay doesn’t feature combat. So if you’re looking to kick ass, then move along.

To The Moon

If you want to find out more, then why not take a gander at To The Moon on the Google Play store now.

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