Lite version of The Moron Test drives more than 50% of Android sales

When it was first released on the iPhone back in April 2009, The Moron Test made quite a splash amongst gamers looking for a silly good time. Now the release has jumped to Android, and developer DistinctDev has revealed some fascinating numbers that suggest Lite versions can be a fantastic opportunity for marketing.

Currently the 9th most downloaded app on the Android Market, The Moron Test has seen 65,000 paid downloads on Android phones to date. More than half of those, according to DistinctDev, were the direct result of players upgrading from the lite version.

“Seeing these results on the Android platform convinced us that a Lite version for iTunes App Store was essential,” says Berkeley Malagon, President and CEO of DistinctDev. “We’re excited about comparing the performance across the two platforms and sharing the results with the community.”

And we’re excited about seeing those results. The Moron Test Lite has seen more than 700,000 downloads on Android, with a conversion rate from free to paid hovering just over 7% — but can it repeat this business on the iPhone? While it’s still a fresh experience for Android gamers, The Moron Test is old hat on the iPhone at this point. Is a Lite version enough to breathe new life into this product? It’s an interesting question, and one we’re eager to see answered.

The Moron Test Lite, which is actually the complete game as it first appeared last April (before updates added more content) is available for free on iTunes.

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