Listen up mini golf fans, Vista Golf Rivals is looking for Beta Testers

By Sam Simmons |

Any fan of mini golf would have heard of the simple yet elegant Vista Golf. Well, the sequel has a multiplayer focus and is looking for Beta Testers right now. Or you can wait till Tuesday the 8th of August for the game’s release.

Whats Vista Golf?

Vista Golf looks like a traditional mini golf game, but with a more competitive edge. There would be three new 18-hole courses added every week and users would compete for the top spots on the leaderboard.

Vista Golf

If you’re not a fan of competing, there was an infinite mode where you can relax and just enjoy the thrills of mini golf. Gameplay features intuitive one-handed putting, so it really is as simple as pick up and play.

Whats Vista Golf Rivals?

Essentially the same but with a more competitive edge. Players will compete in asynchronous matches with the same simple controls from the original. Wager in-game currency or real money against your opponents to determine who is the top dog.

Another notable improvement comes in the form of new environments to golf in. Mix that in with procedurally generated courses and you have a potentially infinite amount of fun at your fingertips.

Vista Golf Rivals

If you want to Beta Test, then drop your email to the developer in this TouchArcade forum. Or preorder Vista Golf Rivals from the App Store today.

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