Listen up entrepreneurs, Fiz: Brewery Management is now on sale

Fans of running a virtual business will be pleased to hear Fiz: Brewery Management is on sale for both iOS and Android.

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Well, to put it bluntly, if you’ve ever wanted to raise a brewery from the ground up, nows your chance.

Start from the humble space of a garage and brew your way to the top by researching new recipes and expanding your empire. Study humans in their natural habitats by going to festivals to find out what the people want.

Then use your profits to expand your brand. Invest in new staff, new equipment and new formulas to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Wait, competition?

Running a world-class brewery isn’t as easy as ‘make it and they shall come’. Experience a story filled with rivalry while other beer conglomerates seek to take what customers you’ve got.


Key features

There are no in-app purchases and no forced waiting periods, so play for as long as you want. Gameplay comprises 20+ hours in a single campaign with a new game plus mode to keep you coming back for more.

There are over 60 recipes to discover, with 20 employees to hire which should keep your brewery fresh and ahead of the competition. There are also 60 random events to keep you on your toes and 25 marketplaces to research and master.


Sounds like you kind of game?

Grab a copy from the App Store or Google Play for under a buck today.

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