Let’s get married in Crime City!

Forget Paris! The place to get engaged these days is in the social game Crime City, on Google+.

According to Mashable, a character named “Mihai” purchased a virtual engagement ring (created by the game’s developer, Funzio) which appeared in both his and his soon-to-be fiance’s inventory, and then Mihai virtually proposed to Miruna.

Of course, this could be just a clever publicity stunt for Funzio.

  • When Mashable contacted Funzio to try to interview the happy couple, Funzio said they were on it (so, no confirmation yet).
  • Who is playing games on Google+?

Ha ha, I kid about the last one (we cover games on Google+ and I’ve been online in Google’s growing social network looking for any Muppets to play).

But seriously, who gets engaged virtually in a social game? Twenty years from now and if this story is true, when Mihai and Miruna have real kids of their own, everyone may be getting engaged virtually and they will be trendsetters. Or, their kids will roll their eyes when they hear this story, and really be able to say, “my parents were such dorks.”

Personally, I’d rather have Paris. . . .

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