Less than 36 Hours after Launch, GOLFINITY Is Now Ad-free

By Jim Squires |

Whether you loved or hated GOLFINITY’s monetization, there’s one thing I’ll bet you weren’t expecting: for it to go away.

The latest title from NimbleBit, GOLFINITY launched on Wednesday night to mixed reactions. The core gameplay was to be applauded, but their unique twist on monetization – that you’d have to watch a video ad every time you wanted to retry a hole – came across as rather grating (we said as much in our GOLFINITY review).

The solution that we were hoping for? An opportunity to bypass the ads with a one time in-app purchase. And if Twitter is any judge, we aren’t alone in that wish.

NimbleBit did one better today (or worse, depending on your perspective) and removed the game’s monetization entirely.

From a consumer perspective, sure, better. But if you’re at all concerned with the devaluing of games in the mobile marketplace, it doesn’t do much to help. NimbleBit have made a neat little game here, and if you’re enjoying it, they deserve something in return.

But as Ian Marsh told TouchArcade’s Eli Hodapp today, “YOLO.”

If you want to help put some food on the table for the Brothers Marsh, do them a solid and go spend some money in one of their other great games today. Might we suggest Tiny Tower Vegas?

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