Legendary King’s Quest designer Roberta Williams working on Facebook’s Odd Manor

It has been a long time since Roberta Williams, a pioneering game designer best known for adventure games like Phantasmagoria and the King’s Quest series, has worked on a video game. But she’s back, and will be lending her talents to the social game Odd Manor as a design consultant.

Developed by KingX Studios, Odd Manor is a Facebook game in which players team up with a magical gnome to repair an abandoned home and learn of its mysteries. It will also be the first video game that Williams will have worked on since 1996, the year she retired.


“While I have no plans to design and develop future titles; the art, characters and story of Odd Manor were so delightful I wanted to help with the project.” she explained.

“I think that KingX Studios is really moving in the right direction with the game and is positioned as a leader for the next generation of online social games. They are doing a wonderful job telling a fantastic adventure story while staying true to the elements that make social games so much fun for folks online.”

The team at KingX appear to be equally excited about having Roberta on board.

“I grew up playing Roberta’s games; she was a big inspiration for me to pursue game design,” said KingX CCO and designer Charles Balas. “The opportunity to work with Roberta in developing Odd Manor is a great honor and fantastic learning opportunity for our team. She has been instrumental in helping us shape the core of Odd Manor to insure a fun, engaging game while reaching a broad audience.”

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