Legend: Rising Empire is the latest title from NetEase Games

By Marc Hewitt |


Legend: Rising Empire has launched on iOS and Android devices and offers an intriguing blend of strategy and simulation.

Developed by NetEase Games, the title is now available on iOS and Android in Europe, America, and Australia – after the Android version landed earlier this week.

Based in the medieval world of Favilla, you team up with ambitious lords who wish to become the rightful king of the land.

Where Legend: Rising Empire really excites though is how much freedom it gives you in how you approach Favilla. You can engage in the King’s pursue for example by destroying cities and nabbing territory – or become a benevolent lord and vow to protect his or her’s kingdom.

In any case you can command a massive army of 200 units – including cavalry, infantry, archers, thieves, and siege weaponry. As you’d expect every class have their own unique skills and functions.

The strategy is so finely tuned that just one soldier placed in the right place and at the right time can be the difference between glorious victory and crushing defeat.

You can build your kingdom up in various ways too – with Legend: Rising Empire boasting over 40 different buildings to unlock. There are castle for lords, dwellings for people – and then a range of other buildings essential to help swell your empire including bakeries, sawmills, farms, and mines.

Responsible for games including Onmyoji and Identity V, NetEase have serious credentials when it comes to crafting engaging experiences on mobile.

So it’s well worth checking out Legend: Rising Empire – available on the App Store and Google Play now. And you can also find the game’s Facebook page here.

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