Legend of Puzzleverse Is a Mobile Match-3 Puzzler with 4X Strategy Elements, Out Now in Beta

The beta version of the hotly anticipated match-three strategy game Legend of Puzzleverse is out for iOS and Android.

Developed by Babil Games, Legend of Puzzleverse is a free-to-play SLG set in a fantasy universe inhabited by magical creatures, ancient artifacts, and hidden secrets.

Gameplay-wise, it sees you heading out on a quest to save the world from the army of monsters that appeared after the Void Lord destroyed the key of time.

That means solving match-three puzzles, reinforcing your stronghold, and uncovering the many mysteries of the Puzzleverse.

Interestingly, Legend of Puzzleverse combines match-three gameplay with the core features of the 4X strategy genre.

Not only will you compete in fun, accessible match-three bouts, but you’ll also construct and upgrade more than 30 types of building, manage alliances, gather resources, research technologies, and devise battlefield tactics.

Alliances in Legend of Puzzleverse allow you to take part in PvP battles and win resources and items. Plus, you can fight alongside your fellow alliance members to boost your own strength.

And there’s more. You know how the Void Lord destroyed the key of time? Well, aside from unleashing monsters this also had the effect of destroying all the barriers of space and time, bringing every legendary hero of lore into the same timeline.

Mythical and historical figures like Medusa, Loki, Athena, King Arthur, Captain Hook, and many others are available to summon, upgrade, and equip with legendary weapons.

Each hero has their own unique abilities, and it’s possible to benefit from statistics bonuses when you deploy them cunningly.

There are tons of levels available in the Legend of Puzzleverse beta, each one rocking its own unique set of puzzles aimed at testing your skills, reflexes, and tactical chops.

Plus, the game comes with a comprehensive tutorial system and leaderboards, where players can vie for dominance over their hapless rivals.

It looks great, too, with stunning graphics, gripping cut-scenes, and a fantastic soundtrack.

You can download the Legend of Puzzleverse beta for free right now. You can also keep up to date with the latest Legend of Puzzleverse news on their official YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages.

You can also download Legend of Puzzleverse using the QR Code below.

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