League of Angels: Pact Is a Classic Idle-MMORPG Sequel, Out Now on Game Hollywood Games

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League of Angels: Pact is the latest game in the classic League of Angels series. You can play it right now on Game Hollywood Games. 

Released on November 17th, League of Angels: Pact is an idle MMORPG that’s aimed both at fans of the series and newcomers in search of some casual RPG action. According to Game Hollywood, it’s filled with thrilling gameplay and innovative new features. 

For the uninitiated, the League of Angels series takes place in a fantasy universe populated by a huge cast of Angels. The gameplay sees you summoning these Angels, forming parties, engaging in PvP and PvE combat, and earning loot and XP.  

League of Angels: Pact sticks pretty closely to this classic formula. But it brings the series up to date with an accessible browser-based interface, slick graphics, and a ton of other modern features. 

Story-wise, League of Angels: Pact sees you defending the Holy Land of Justice. To do this, you’ll need to awaken hundreds of powerful Angels, each one imbued with unique abilities, skills, and attributes. 

Once you’ve brought them into the fold, you’ll need to upgrade, reinforce, and power them up to keep them fighting fit. 

Next-Level Character Art

A glance at the screenshots below will tell you that the character art in League of Angels: Pact is next-level. And there’s a huge array of interesting characters, too. They include the autocratic Apocalypse, the oracular Fortuna, and a terrifying hybrid Dragon-Angel called Kali. 

There are over a hundred Divine Weapons to wield, too, along with mystery faces, miracle outfits, and wings with powerful attributes.

League of Angels: Pact also boasts a ton of gameplay modes. There’s cross-server PK, Road to Challenge, Twelve Holy Lands, Bosses, Raids, Quests, and more. Every mode showers you with shiny loot and Divine Equipment. 

And you don’t even have to work that hard to make progress. League of Angels: Pact lets you level-up AFK, meaning anyone can join in, no matter how much time they’ve got or how skilful they are. 

Head to Game Hollywood Games and play League of Angels: Pact for free right now. 

Also, check out the official League of Angels: Pact Facebook fan page and Discord channel.

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