League of Angels: Pact Adds New Angel, Unveils Pre-Registration Rewards for the Mobile Spin-Of

By Glenn Wilson |

League of Angels: Pact, the popular browser-based MMORPG from Game Hollywood, has just added a new angel to its lineup ahead of the imminent launch of the game’s mobile spinoff.

The latest new angel in League of Angels: Pact is called Deloris, and this is her backstory.

It’s the year 4000, and Sapphire has grown into a highly advanced society powered by magic and technology. But magic is a resource-hungry commodity, so the brightest minds in Sapphire strike out into the unknown to source some more.

Commander Deloris is the scion of a military family. She leads the first interstellar fleet tasked with exploring the universe in search of magical energy and undiscovered wildlife.

In her absence, however, Sapphire comes under attack by the Dark Legion, so Deloris returns with her army to defend her homeland.

Dramatic stuff, but let’s get down to brass tacks. Deloris’s Echo of Nature skill deals 400% ATK + 800,000 damage to a single target and reduces its DEF by 2% for three seconds.

Music Baptism, meanwhile, is a skill that kicks in when all the deployed Angels are Agility type, reducing the Ultimate Skill Damage they receive by 6%. Plus, when an Angel is attacked there’s a 10% chance that all of the deployed Angels will get a 1.4% boost to their ATK.

Finally, Deloris’s Rhythm skill gives normal attacks an 8% chance of healing characters by 40 HP and increasing their DEF by 2% for three seconds.

All in all, a pretty solid addition to the team.

Now let’s turn to the impending mobile version of League of Angels: Pact, which is currently in pre-registration ahead of its April 20th release.

Naturally, tapping that ‘pre-register’ button will net you some rewards, including a Diamond Chest, 100 Legendary Shards, ten Normal Summon Orbs, 1,000 Angel Essence, and that all-important early access.

You can pre-register for League of Angels: Pact here, or you can play it for free right now on Game Hollywood Games.

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