Latest Fortnite update makes it possible to change the framerate – and adds a shotgun


Fortnite has had a new patch, and aside from the standard content fixes there are some additions that will be of interest to the standard player. So read on…

Framing Fortnite

The key change in this update is the addition of both an FPS mode setting and customisable fire mode selection screen. Now that may sound incredibly dull and technical, but the latter effectively allows the game to become at least moderately playable for those with less powerful devices.

The frame rate is still capped to 30 frames per second, but you can now go lower if you find your device chugging worse than Thomas the Tank Engine after a 20 drink bender while playing. There’s no sign of an unlocked frame rate option, but hopefully that’s something a future patch will deliver.

Guns, guns, guns! (well, gun)

Aside from this there’s a new weapon to try out – the Double Barrel Shotgun, which provides two shots with each blast. As you’d expect it packs a bit of a punch in close-range combat.

Another minor addition is that the spawn rate and balance has been tweaked for the vending machines. You can download Fortnite on the App Store now to check out these additions for yourself, and you can also take a gander at the full v5.20 patch notes if you fancy it here.

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