L3E7 Is the World’s First 3D Location-Based Blockchain Game, In Development Now

One to keep your eye on…

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Remember the name.

L3E7 is an innovative title that has been in development for more than two years. Built for Web3, it’s a location-based sci-fi MMO featuring cutting edge visuals, RPG mechanics, and a healthy dose of the blockchain.

While we can’t say exactly when L3E7 is going to be out, we can tell you that the immensely experienced team behind it has every intention of becoming the next Niantic. 

Read on to find out why they might just pull it off. 

Storywise, L3E7 is set in an alternative universe where a mysterious facsimile of planet Earth has been discovered on the other side of the sun. Rumored to be an artifact of a cosmic civilization, this cyberpunk planet is pretty much the same as ours—but at least 500% cooler.

Why? Because the game takes buildings that appear in Google Maps and transforms them into futuristic 3D edifices.

Naturally, L3E7 sees you visiting this graphically stunning cyberpunk realm to embark on adventures, get involved in battles, and interact with other players to earn rewards and share tokens. There are 10,000 virtual cities to explore, and more than 50 characters to inhabit. 

The gameplay is asynchronous, and involves safeguarding earth’s landmarks in PVE(VP) battles against powerful bosses in competition with your fellow humans. 

On top of all that, there’s a character development system allowing you to build a stable of heroes capable of coping with every challenge, including buffs and debuffs based on real world weather conditions. 

L3E7 looks to set players free for choosing the way they play, whichever platform they are playing on. LBS will work only when you want to play with it, or when there are some activities offline in some crossroads or shops. 

Even more uniquely, L3E7 lets you collect NFTs. This aims to give you a sense of ownership over your in-game assets, along with more practical perks like a share of the game’s profits from in-app purchases and IP partnerships. 

To keep tabs on L3E7, follow the official X, Discord, and YouTube channels.