King of the Course is EA’s next golf game, and it’s now in Canada

I’m a sucker for a good golf game. And if I can take it with me on the go, even better. But there hasn’t been anything exciting that I could putt around with my in pocket for quite some time. In fact, it’s been so long since there’s been a good golf game on the App Store that I’ve been secretly waiting for Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational to drop to free on PlayStation Plus.

But with EA’s latest Canadian soft launch, it looks like I might finally have a golf game I can call my own again: King of the Course.


A free-to-play title with an arcade feel, King of the Course seems to be a golf game that’s perfectly enjoyable in bite sized chunks. I’ve had a chance to fiddle around with the first dozen or so “challenges,” and thus far I’m having a pretty great time with it. I’ve had to tackle traditional goals like coming in under par, as well as wackier objectives like trying to hit a bullseye with my long drive (it kind of feels like darts meets curling).

In terms of monetization, well… tell me if this sounds familiar: Fail to complete a stage and you’ll lose a life. Lose all your lives and wait for a new one to regenerate every half hour.

In other words, it’s Tiger Woods Saga. This isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.


There’s no word yet on the game’s international release (or anything, really – it’s only on our radar because we stumbled across it), but if you have a Canadian account you can jump in now and tell us if you think this one comes in under par.

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