Kim Kardashian: Hollywood May Make its Namesake $85 Million Richer

This might just wrinkle a few feathers. Kim Kardashian’s new game with Glu is set to be a massive hit to the tune of over $200 million. And it looks like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is going to net her a ton of money too: potentially $85 million if revenue predictions hold up. TMZ is claiming that she’s entitled to 45% of the game’s net profits. She made $28 million in 2013, so this is a nice chunk of change for the celebrity in exchange for licensing her name and image.

A lot of people don’t like Kim Kardashian for many reasons: some think she’s annoying, some feel that perhaps she’s not adequately contributes to culture at large, and some will probably hate that she’s getting rich off of a free-to-play game now. But one thing is clear: she’s a talented businessperson, and is only getting better at maximizing the potential of Kim Kardashian brand. Don’t confuse this with liking her – but you can believe she’s a cultural black hole and still respect her business acumen. I mean, she’s doing something right.


Plus, this game is helping to serve an audience of woman that gaming has historically underserved. Some might prefer that the #1 game one aimed at a female audience was something more substantial than a Kim Kardashian licensing goldmine, but hey, it’s hard to see this as being all that evil.

Besides, she’ll have 85 million more reasons to not worry about the haters.

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