Kill monsters and win an Amazon Fire HD 8 with Poki and Clicker Heroes

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving. That’s why Poki is giving away a free Amazon Fire HD 8, and you might just be lucky enough to receive it. All you have to do to put yourself in the running is play a game for a while and then tells us in the comments about your favourite monster. What could be simpler?

First, we’ve got some explaining to do.

What’s Poki?

If you haven’t already heard of it, Poki is an online playground for kids of all ages where you can let yourself loose without having to worry about stumbling into Five Nights at Freddy’s and having nightmares, or spending the deposit for your next house on in-app purchases.

There’s a huge variety of free games on Poki, including some big names like Monopoly, Cut the Rope: Experiments, and

The games on Poki are arranged into dozens of categories for ease of browsing, as well by popularity to help you discover what other players are enjoying, and eventually you’ll be able to get personalised recommendations too. There’s almost no limit to the time you can spend finding great new games for free.

What’s the competition about?

Poki wants to give you an Amazon Fire HD 8. Pretty sweet, right? To enter the competition, you need to do something you were probably going to do anyway: play a game.

Specifically, you need to play Clicker Heroes, and then tell us about your favourite monster in the comments below.

As its name suggests, Clicker Heroes is a clicker – the sort of game that you play by simply clicking (or tapping) as fast as you can. This might not sound like much fun if you’ve never played a clicker before, but it really is.

The genius of clickers is that they show how much a compelling game is about progress. You start off clicking on simple monsters to kill them for gold, but as you spend this gold on upgrades and new heroes you get access to harder levels with tougher – but more lucrative – monsters.

You can choose what to upgrade or unlock, and if you want a change of pace you can fall back to an easier stage or jump ahead to a harder one. That’s pretty much the game. And it’s so, so addictive.

So, yeah. Load up Clicker Heroes, and get playing. Level up a few monsters, get a feel for them, and then pick your favourite and tell us all about it below.

You’ve got until December 29th, so get clicking!

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