Kiip to power rewards for all ZeptoLab games

Mobile rewards platform Kiip has announced a new partnership today with developer ZeptoLab, which will effectively be bringing their unique digital rewards to all games in the ZeptoLab catalogue, like the hugely popular Cut the Rope and Pudding Monsters. Kiip first began in 2010, working with mid-tier and indie developers to put special rewards into games that players could receive and enjoy just by playing. I recently had a chance to chat with Kiip Co-Founder Brian Wong, and to find out some more about how the Kiip rewards platform actually works, and what it was like to partner up with ZeptoLab in this exciting new manner.

The entire basis of Kiip rewards is founded on one simple principle: to own and reward every single “achievement moment” that a user can experience. Kiip strives to capture that special moment of player happiness at the time of reaching a certain milestone in a game, such as leveling-up or completing a stage, and then acknowledges that uplifting emotion by offering rewards. But the best part about it is that players don’t have to do anything extra to earn these rewards: they are simply gathered through regular gameplay, and as Wong tells me, “When you get a reward, you feel like you earned it.”


But what’s really interesting about the foundations of Kiip’s innovative rewards program is that it can be seen as more of an actual technology, as there are never any specific title-to-brand integrations to be found here. Instead, Kiip uses their highly refined style of “precision moments targeting” to provide mobile users with unique rewards that will be relevant to them. And this process extends well beyond the gaming realm as well, with Kiip rewards already being implemented in everything from music and workout apps, to productivity and “to-do list” apps.

So for instance, certain companies could be paired up with more appropriate rewards, as Wong rattles off a few examples for me that Kiip has managed before in the past: Sour Patch might give away a free pack of Sour Patch Kids; Propel might give away free water; The CW might give away a free download of a TV show; and McDonald’s might give away a free song download. In essence, it is meant to be a “mixture of physical and virtual rewards.” Well whatever Kiip is doing, it certainly seems to be working, as Wong tells me they have already seen tens of millions of users redeeming their rewards.


The latest partnership with ZeptoLab marks a truly significant step forward for Wong and the rest of his team at Kiip, since the Cut the Rope franchise contains some of the biggest games to ever be released on the mobile platform (and the Kiip rewards will be coming to all available mobile platforms that you can play your favorite ZeptoLab games on). Wong feels that this will truly be Kiip’s moment to shine, as the rewards platform continues to get adopted by bigger players in the overall games space, and both the company’s reputation as a trusted brand and their quest for growth are both on the rise.

It seems that Kiip and ZeptoLab would make the perfect match then, and Wong also tells me that the year Kiip has already spent working with the Cut the Rope developer has been nothing but amazing so far. But now does this news mean that we’ll get to see some Kiip rewards pop up in the upcoming and hotly anticipated Cut the Rope 2? Well it looks like we’re just going to have to wait until the game gets released later this month and find out!

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