Kickstarter Picks: Z.

Love Magic the Gathering? How about The Walking Dead? Well, that was quick. Z. looks like it’ll be the right game for you. Here’s a link to their KickStarter. Enjoy.

Oh, you want to hear more? Good, because the team at Downward Viral has a ton to offer. Z., the new digital card game that features human vs. zombie warfare, is already looking to shape digital screens worldwide. In particular, this game is unique in that it’s looking to boast as many platforms as possible, all synched to a single account. Like your cards on a PC? A Macbook ? Facebook? iOS? Android? They’ve got you covered on everything under the sun. 

In addition to simple card game mechanics that are aimed to be accessible to many, Z. is looking to boast some interesting concepts rarely touched by other games of its genre. In particular, Downward Viral has partnered with Northern Five Entertainment, who filmed the Left For Dead short film. Interspersed with your card slinging will be loads of live action episodic storytelling. 

Z. looking to cover everything with asynchronous multiplayer. Games sport an intelligent matchmaking system that will only pair players of similar deck strength, allowing you to always play with a fair challenge.


In order to reach their $100,000 goal, Z. has a plethora of options for rewards. $15 will get you a DRM-free code for the game across all platforms, while rewards beyond that unlock greater amounts of digital cards, a complete limited edition physical box set, or even the chance to have your entire city and family turned into in-game locations and cards.

$35,000 is a great start to hit their intended goal, but it’s up to you to make sure this zombie project can rise from the grave within the next 16 days.

Project Name: Z.
Platforms: Facebook, PC, Mac, iOS, Android

Funds Needed: $100,000

Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $35,886

Days Left: 16

Kickstarter Picks is a series of features on Gamezebo that will profile Kickstarter projects in the world of video games. We’re doing this in the hopes of calling attention to interesting projects in need of funding, so please, if a game looks like something you’d want to play, don’t hesitate to lend it your support!

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