Kickstarter Picks: Kicked Out!

Money is a lot of things. If old expressions are to be believed, it makes the world go ’round, is the root of all evil, and can’t buy you happiness. And, if you follow the haunting statistics provided by the Kicked Out! project, some of these statements aren’t so far from the truth.

Here are some cold hard facts: 83% of American college graduates do not pay debt regularly. Private bankruptcies have tripled from 2006 to 2010. Debt, foreclosures, and overall financial responsibility are at an all time low, and the world needs to come up with new solutions to face financial difficulty in the modern age. What better modern tool than a videogame?


The concept behind Kicked Out! is that financial responsibility, like riding a bike, cannot simply be taught. Without proper experience handling situations, you’ll never know exactly how to manage it on your own. Schools simply don’t teach this information in ways that stick with students, and a new solution is something every nation desperately needs.

By teaching financial literacy within the guise of a social Facebook game, Kicked Out! hopes to create a unique tool in aiding financial literacy. The 13-19 year old range is the game’s main demographic, hoping to provide relevant examples at the time when teens are most impressionable to spending and managing money.


Surprisingly, Kicked Out! is backed by a fantastic team of researchers, psychologists, and game developers. Their team extends as far out to franchises such as Rockstar’s Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto. Now that’s an unexpected combination!

While Kicked Out! needs to be free in order to provide a reasonable resource for growing teens, they need your help in making their project as big, accurate, and helpful enough to make a difference. By donating to their Kickstarter project, you can get access to the Beta, help make decisions to change the game, or even see yourself as an in-game character!

It isn’t often we see games that truly aim to help the world out, and we definitely suggest you check this Kickstarter out and see what the team is up to. They’re a long way from their $300,000 goal, but a little donation might be all it takes to help out economic responsibility for a future generation.

Project Name: Kicked Out!

Platforms: Facebook

Funds Needed: $300,000

Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $8,393

Days Left: 25

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