Kickstarter Picks: Combat Cats

Imagine an island full of catnip. Imagine thousands of cats living in harmony on that island, rolling, basking, and dreaming their days away. What do you suppose would happen if the catnip supply suddenly disappeared? That’s right; the cats would revert back to their true nature. In other words, they’d become four-legged murder machines. Combat Cats is a puzzle-combat game that’s chock full of cats that are getting violent for a good cause: the restoration of their ‘nip supply.

When all the catnip goes missing on Kitty Island, the island’s denizens turn off their purr-boxes and turn on the vengeance. They turn their wrath towards the Aquarium Alliance, a watery group of thugs that have wanted the cats gone for ages. Do they have the catnip? You’ll have to fight to find out.


Combat Cats utilizes match-3 puzzle mechanics that translate directly into fire power. Missile bricks shoot missiles at the enemy, while poison bricks poison them, and so on. You can also repair your ship by collecting repair bricks. If you do an especially good job at matching, you might even be graced with nuclear bricks. They’re as destructive as they sound. As you fight, you regain catnip. It’s supposed to go back into upgrading your ship, so don’t smoke it or eat it.

Combat Cats for iOS, Android, Linux, PC and Mac is nearly finished. Creator Ryan DeGange and New Horizon Games hope that Kickstarter funding can help with a few graphical touch-ups, marketing, and licensed music from freelance artist Michael Staple. New Horizons has some great stretch goals in mind too, like multiplayer, an extended soundtrack, and multiplatform release across the Wii U, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS. If the Kickstarter fails to meet its initial goal, Combat Cats will only receive an Android release.


Even a dollar is worth more than kitty litter in this case. Pledge a buck and receive a copy of the game for Android or iPhone. $5 gets you a computer-based copy of the game. $10 nets a copy of the game for computer, mobile, and puts your name in the credits. $15 gets you the game, a downloadable soundtrack, and your pet’s name in the credits. How can you resist? If you’ve got $100, consider going for the highest-tier prize, which pixelizes your cat and puts him or her into the game. Don’t worry, it’s just a drawing: your original kitty will be fine.

If you’re raring to send your cat to war, visit the Combat Cats Kickstarter page.

Project Name: Combat Cats

Platforms: iOS and Android; Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Vita if stretch goals are reached.

Funds Needed: $1600

Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $839

Days Left:  22

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