Kentucky Route Zero creators release Limits and Demonstrations

If you harbor any concerns as to whether or not your computer can handle Kentucky Route Zero, you should probably download Limits and Demonstrations. And if you’ve already played through Kentucky Route Zero’s first act (and enjoyed it), you should still probably download Limits and Demonstrations. It’s free, and functions as both a graphics card test for the uninitiated and companion piece for the fans. Everybody wins!

Clocking in at around 10 minutes, the demo (or game, if you prefer) puts you in the shoes of three Kentucky Route Zero characters exploring an art exhibit featuring the work of Lula Chamberlain, a character who will be introduced in later acts. Each piece you examine tests a different part of the game’s graphics card features, and each is accompanied by a clever bit of dialogue from one of the characters. In typical Kentucky Route Zero nature, it’s simultaneously cryptic and intriguing.

Developer Cardboard Computer discussed the inspiration behind some of the pieces in a recent newsletter. A few of them were inspired by real-world art pieces, whereas others are more rooted in the game’s own mythos. A piece called Basement Puzzle #2, for example, was inspired by a puzzle that was removed from Act 1 before release, video of which can be seen here:

Despite its short length, Limits and Demonstrations is a potent experience. There’s a lot here for fans to experience, and much like Kentucky Route Zero, it’s something that invites more than just one playthrough.

Assuming, of course, your computer can run it. Fingers crossed!

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